Over Estimating Electricity Price Inflation For Fun And Evil Profit

17 December, 2018

Despite solar power offering an excellent return, some salespeople gild the lily by assuming huge increases in the future price of grid electricity. This has to stop.

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Are aluminium-ion batteries the next generation of battery storage?

14 December, 2018

A University of New South Wales chemist has designed a rechargeable aluminium-ion battery, opening up new doors to energy storage.

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Two million Australian households now have rooftop solar – and they vote

06 December, 2018

One of Australia’s hottest renewable energy sectors, residential solar, has chalked up another major milestone, with the number of households to have installed rooftop PV passing the two million-mark.

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PV module transition period now ended

04 December, 2018

More than 1500 PV modules previously listed by the CEC have expired following the 1 December 2018 deadline for compliance with the updated versions of IEC 61215 and IEC 61730.

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