Trump and Clinton butt heads on solar in first presidential debate

28 September, 2016

In the first Presidential debate last night, candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could not have made their differing opinions on solar and climate change clearer.

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Global manufacturing glut could mean 20% drop in solar panel prices – within a year: BNEF

27 September, 2016

A glut in the global solar manufacturing market could deliver module prices as low as $US0.30/Watt in 2017 – a 20 per cent drop within a year, according to a leading analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

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A Tesla Powerwall with my rooftop solar? I’ll take SIX

09 September, 2016

A home on Queensland’s Gold Coast has installed what is believed to be the largest residential Tesla battery storage system in Australia – and one of the biggest in the world – with a total of six 6.4kWh lithium-ion Powerwall units hooked up to store the solar generation from a massive 24kW rooftop solar PV system.

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New hope for solar towers as South Aust. seeks energy competitors

08 September, 2016

There is renewed hope that Australia’s first large scale solar towers with storage can be built in South Australia after the government announced a new tender designed to introduce new competition in the market and remove the stranglehold of the existing gas generators.

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