Sunport Power Corp., Ltd. is located in Nanjing, China and is dedicated to the development and production of solar cells and modules with high efficiency and reliable performance. The company is founded by Dr. Fengming Zhang and his team. Dr Zhang is the leading solar physicist (nominated by the Central Governmental Recruitment Program of Global Outstanding Experts), professor and doctoral supervisor at Nanjing University.

Sunport Power has successfully developed and patented high efficient solar cells and modules based on next generation MWT (metal wrap through) technology with GW-scale production capacity. The benefits of MWT have improved and empowered all kinds of solar powered installations, solar farms and distributed generation projects.

With collaborations upstream and downstream, and the collaboration with domestic and foreign research institutions and universities, Sunport Power contributes to international friendship, innovation and a healthy development of the PV industry.

After 6 years development, Sunport Power has three industrial bases in Nanjing, Xuzhou and Wuxi, covering solar cells, back sheets and PV modules.At present, the production capacity of high-efficiency MWT solar cells and modules are both 1.4GW, forming a complete industry chain of high-efficiency MWT PV modules.

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