Solplanet S 5kW 1 Phase 2 MPPT/2 Strings w/wifi w/DCI (ASW5000-S)

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Solplanet S 5kW 1 Phase 2 MPPT/2 Strings w/wifi w/DCI (ASW5000-S)
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Solplanet (AISWEI) has specialized in developing and manufacturing photovoltaic inverters since 2007. Formerly known as SMA's Chinese subsidiary, Solplanet (AISWEI) launched its independent company in April 2019. Building on the success of its 15 years of professional experience, Solplanet (AISWEI) has abundant knowledge in the industry. In 2022, the headquarter has established a new plant that will boost the production capacity to 25GW. With the recent equity restructuring, Solplanet (AISWEI) exhibits a solid financial footing within the industry.

Headquartered in Suzhou Jiangsu, near the Yangtze River Delta, Solplanet (AISWEI) boosts research and development labs, purchasing operations and manufacturing facilities in Suzhou, Shanghai and Yangzhou. The current annual production exceeds 10GW and expecting to grow astonishingly in the following years. Solplanet (AISWEI)  has opened its market in Asia-Pacific and Europe, South America, and the Middle East.