Thanks to LONGi as our Diamond Sponsor

12 April,2021

Visit One Stop Warehouse booth at Smart Energy Conference to talk to LONGi professionals about their latest products and services. Don't forget to follow LONGi on social media to be the first one to  watch exclusive contents posted direct from the exhibition.

5 Reasons why prices are rising on PV panels and why you should Stock up now!

08 April,2021

Industry leader Andy Cheng, Head of Product Procurement and Marketing for One Stop Warehouse, warns that he sees this trend for price rise confirmed by our suppliers. He said, "There are many reasons that prices in our sector are experiencing price pressure. Customers should prepare for a jump in price or buy before the trend continues if they want to maintain margins."

The Future Looks Bright GSES & One Stop New Exciting Collaboration

04 April,2021

We are so excited to announce a new partnership between One Stop Warehouse and GSES (Global Sustainable Energy Solutions).  Together, we will bring you a new and professional online training service run by a team of highly experienced systems engineers and designers.

How will Solar Panels Evolve Because of Wafer Size Changes and the Impact on Industry in Australia?

31 March,2021

Solar panel dimensions have remained unchanged for almost 10 years, however in the recent last 2 years we have observed a continual upward trend in wafer size increase. What are the reasons behind the changes? What kind of panels will we expect to be in the market due to the changes? What are the impacts on other products, system design or installation due to the changes?