GoodWe: Joy to Install - PV safety first

07 August,2020

GoodWe has always maintained a Safety First policy. To better fit the new standard and reduce the installation time and cost, GoodWe gradually integrated the compliant DC load break disconnectors to inverters. Currently, GoodWe inverter models XS, DNS, MS, SMT, and EH are available with compliant DC switch disconnectors. Additional to the built-in DC load disconnector on the GoodWe SMT series, we now offer a DC cover as part of the standard package as default. GoodWe believes the built-in DC disconnector plus DC cover ensures the installation is neater and safer.

NEW to the One Stop product portfolio: Q.HOME.

03 August,2020

NEW to the One Stop product portfolio: Q.HOME. .HOME+ESS HYB-G2 uniquely comes as a complete energy package so you can reap the benefits of energy independence for years to come. Q.HOME, paired with Q CELLS panels, is a home energy solution, fully-wrapped under a single warranty.

Light affects PV panels output. An insight to LID and LeTID.

29 July,2020

The fact: Light acts on the materials and affects the yield form the crystalline silicon cells of photovoltaic modules, contributing to two types of degradation, the well-known LID and the mere recently discussed LeTID (Light and Elevated Temperature Induced Degradation).

Solis Now Available at OSW

28 July,2020

We are very excited to have Solis as a part of One Stop Warehouse product portfolio.  We believe our two companies share similar values in delivering significant long term benefits to our customers. Solis has clear goal is to provide the renewable energy industry with the most technically advanced range of string inverters available to the Australian market.