QLD Community receive energy boost

Diletta Darrigo
08 June, 2020

Two Boonah volunteer community organisations have benefitted after two donated solar power systems, collectively valued at $16,000, were donated to the Carinity Fassifern Community Centre.

Now the Community Centre has gifted the inverter solar systems to two fellow Boonah organisations: community radio station Rim FM 100.1 FM and the Fassifern Sports Club.

Carinity Fassifern Community Centre community development coordinator Samantha Caves said between them, the two solar power systems would generate about 25,000 KiloWatt hours of electricity each year, saving the community groups valuable money on their electricity bills.

"Like many other community clubs in the region, the Fassifern Sports Club has faced difficulties through extended drought conditions, bushfires and now COVID-19," Ms Caves said .

"The cost of electricity has also been an economic challenge for the club to bare. Rather than expose the club to this excessive burden, Carinity Fassifern Community Centre has been pleased to partner with the club to empower them with the inverter solar system and panels."

Jim Grounds and Robyn Freiberg from Rim FM with Samantha Caves.

 Jim Grounds and Robyn Freiberg from Rim FM with Samantha Caves.

Ms Caves said Rim FM provided a "vital source of local emergency information and space for community connection", especially throughout the recent bushfire crisis in the region.

"The station is run by many dedicated volunteers who do an amazing job of keeping listeners informed and entertained, even during periods of crisis, she said.

"Rim FM provided regular updates in order to maintain safety when many community members had no other source of information..

"The radio station relies heaving on community fundraising and support to maintain their operational costs, and Carinity Fassifern Community Centre is very excited to assist Rim FM in becoming more sustainable, both environmentally and economically."

The packages included Suntech solar panels, SAJ Electric inverters, racking and electrical parts and were donated to Carinity by Logan solar distributor One Stop Warehouse, via the Givit website.

One Stop Warehouse Chief executive Anson Zhang said his company was pleased to help.

"Australia has been going through a lot, first with bushfires and now with COVID-19 and we thought that it was time to help worthy organisations with something we are truly passionate about which is delivering solar and renewable energy," he said.

"We value the contribution that the sports club and radio station provide the community and we are delighted to be donating these solar systems to help them through this uncertain time."