Sunshine state aims to become Australia's solar state

26 November,2015

The state of Queensland appears ready to embark on what could be one of the most radical transformations of its electricity network ever undertaken - even by standards of ambitious mandates in places such as California, Germany and Denmark.

Ergon Energy, solar and the case for battery storage

26 November,2015

What does a regional utility do when it's in the state with Australia's highest uptake of rooftop solar? Encourage the uptake of battery storage, of course.

Victoria looks beyond brown coal to renewable energy future

19 November,2015

Victoria's Labor government has announced a wholesale review of the brown coal industry, as energy minister Lily D'Ambrosia confirms the state's need to look to new and clean energy technologies, and the jobs of the future.

Tesla gigafactory to be zero net energy, covered in solar

18 November,2015

Tesla CTO says Nevada gigafactory will be zero net energy, with the entire roof and nearby hillsides covered in solar PV – and no gas supply at all.