Greens pledge $2.9bn to put battery storage in one million homes, businesses

05 May,2016

Greens policy would help 1m-plus Australian households and businesses install heavily discounted battery storage over 5 years.

GCL Poly takes on Tesla with multi-coloured 5.6kWh battery storage

04 May,2016

GCL Poly, world's biggest maker of solar cells, chooses Australia for global launch of battery storage product, with two offerings at half price of main competitors.

Australia heads back to bottom of barrel on climate, clean energy

02 May,2016

Only one minister, the ACT's Simon Corbell, has had the courage and vision to stand up to incumbent bully-boys and introduce policies and targets that match the climate science. Yet the Coalition and most media continue to peddle nonsense dismissed most cogently by the new chief sloganeer, Malcolm Turnbull.

IKEA launches its home solar service

27 April,2016

Solar panels can now be purchased at the IKEA "Solar Shops" and online.