Rooftop solar on every Australian household "no issue at all" for grid

26 April,2016

Leading solar researcher says argument that certain parts of Australian grid can handle limited amounts of rooftop solar is "BS".

San Francisco first big US city to make rooftop solar mandatory

24 April,2016

Existing state law already dictates that 15% of the roof surface area on new small and mid-sized buildings be ‘solar ready’. The new legislaton now requires that space to actually have solar panels installed.

SunEdison fall from grace complete as it files for bankruptcy protection

22 April,2016

Former solar giant SunEdison has filed for US bankruptcy protection, the culmination of a dramatic downward spiral variously attributed to hubris, overreaching ambition and a mismanaged acquisition strategy.

100% renewables might be fantasy, but it's what Australia is signing up for

22 April,2016

Australia reportedly excluded from "high ambition" meeting it pretended to be part of in Paris. Perhaps it's time the Coalition started to take targets like 100% renewable energy seriously. After all, that is effectively what it is signing up for.