Australian farmers making the move to renewables

06 September,2018

Farmers are constantly looking for ways to do things better. The innovative ways some of our primary producers are making use of renewable energy means that growing our food and raising our animals will become both cheaper and cleaner, ensuring Australia remains a global leader in agriculture. Clean energy is helping to pave the way for more independence and prosperity for our farmers long into the future. Advances in technology mean that we can do everything we could before, and in some cases, a bit extra – and the only thing we have to give up is the pollution.

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Risen Energy starts construction of Yarranlea Solar Farm in May

22 June,2018

Construction activity has started at the site of what will be the 121- megawatt Yarranlea Solar Farm, west of Toowoomba in Queensland. Yarranlea Solar Farm will be developed in four stages and once completed, the project will generate enough electricity to supply the energy needs of the equivalent of up to 32,000 homes.

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Mars goes 100% solar for all six Australian factories

19 June,2018

Mars Australia is going 100 per cent renewables, and will source all the power for its six Australian factories and two offices from a 200MW solar farm in Victoria.

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QLD lights the way for large-scale solar projects

15 June,2018

Queensland is leading the national charge towards a record year for the large-scale solar industry.

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