AHO choose GreenDeal as the STC provider for their solar PV program

30 March,2021

AHO engaged GreenDeal has as the STC provider for their latest solar PV program. GreenDeal will provide daily support and reporting of the STC process. The AHO is working with Aboriginal people to install solar panels to provide tenants with lower energy costs. This project is helping create employment and education opportunities for Aboriginal people in NSW.  The program will provide up to 2600 properties with a 3.3kW System that will generate about 45 STCs per property.

You have one more chance!

29 March,2021

Reach more homeowners across the Australian PV market with SolarEdge’s new dual inverter lineup covering the full spectrum of their current and future energy needs. You’ll expand your sales opportunities with a diversified residential portfolio comprising this distinct single phase inverter solution: HD-Wave Genesis – the ideal solution for any shape of roof and any budget

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Ginlong Solis honoured with the Top Brand PV 2021 Award for inverter manufacturers

25 March,2021

EUPD Research interviewed around 1,200 PV installation companies on their buying behaviour, the brands they carry in their portfolios and much more. Ginlong Solis achieved excellent results in terms of customer choice, brand awareness, satisfaction and recommendation resulting in the award, Top Brand PV company 2021.

Smart Energy Conference is BACK! And so are we!

18 March,2021

Smart Energy Conference is BACK! And so are we! One Stop Warehouse is so excited to be part of the 59th Smart Energy conference. The event industry was one of those most impacted the most by the pandemic. We have all greatly missed seeing our customers and suppliers face to face. That's why we decided to Smart Energy Council this year. We hope you will do the same and register to participate in the first energy event of the year!