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20 May,2020

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Canadian Solar Bifacial System Design and Best Practices Webinar, Australia

18 May,2020

Learn the best practices for Bifacial systems from Canadian Solar, the leader in the delivery and deployment of bifacial modules in our upcoming free webinar!

Canadian Solar
Get more... with less! Bundled with One Stop Jinko Tiger N-Type 385W & Enphase IQ7+ Package

18 May,2020

Did you know? Normally the current size of panel is 330W so you will expect to use 20 panels to reach 6.66kW DC maximum. Now with the Jinko Tiger N-Type 385W, you only need 17 panels and only 17 Enphase micro-inverters! This saves you 3 panels, 3 inverters and lots labour time!

GoodWe Ranked as Global No. 1 Hybrid Inverter Suppliers by Wood Mackenzie

07 May,2020

GoodWe reached No.1 rank among hybrid inverter suppliers on a global scale and now stands proudly at the very top of this exclusive list with more than 15% global market share. The figures have been confirmed by none other than Wood Mackenzie in their report titled Global PV Inverter Market Shares Full-Year 2019.