Solis: Storage of Solar Energy In The Event of Blackouts

06 March,2021

Solis, a leader in solar PV string inverters worldwide, promotes the adoption of hybrid solar systems with storage. This solution enables uninterrupted supply of electricity to homes and businesses that will not affect their operations in the event of a grid supply failure or blackout

March Update from One Stop Warehouse

04 March,2021

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Chris Bowen, Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy visited One Stop Warehouse in Sydney

26 February,2021

On Friday, 26th February, Chris Bowen, Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy didn't have to travel far to visit One Stop Warehouse in Sydney because the Warehouse is located in his Electorate of McMahon. On entering the western Sydney office Chris was given a tour by staff lead by Anson Zhang, CEO of One Stop Warehouse and Discover Energy, located in Erskine Park, the warehouse is more than 3000 square meters in size and houses the largest distribution center of Solar power equipment like PV panels, storage batteries and inverters in Australia. Chris clearly expressed his delight at the size of the facility and was also impressed that during Covid-19 One Stop Warehouse expanded its employment numbers over the last year.

One Stop and JA Solar Distribution Agreement Signing Ceremony

25 February,2021

Congratulations to One Stop Warehouse and JA Technology for signing the 2021 Distribution Agreement on Tuesday, 25th February. According to the agreement, JA and OSW will further strengthen their cooperation in the Australian distribution market and jointly promote the development of the local photovoltaic market.Anson Zhang, CEO and co-founder of OSW said"In 2021, OSW will work with JA Solar to provide more distributed customers with higher-quality and more cost-effective products, work together for a win-win cooperation, and make the sky bluer and the water clearer".